You might be surprised at how many ways you can assist a disaster relief effort. Sure, people are needed out in the field scooping animals from harm’s way. And others are needed to scoop other things, if you know what we mean. Most often, however, local support is needed in any and all of the following areas:

+ Posting flyers for missing pets
+ Gathering donations of pet items for families in need
+ Developing pertnerships with veterinarians, businesses, foster groups and welfare organizations
+ Acting as “case managers” for families with pets who lose their home
+ Logistical planning to support volunteers, locally and nationally
+ Assistance in forming emergency shelter plans
+ Recruiting and training new volunteers
+ Educating community members about disaster preparedness for pets

Sound like a lot? Well, it is. The more hands on deck, the better. Which brings us to where we ask you to be involved. There’s no pressure to be on the front lines, and we like to think volunteering with Bayou Rescue can even be fun. There are a few different ways you can initiate volunteering with us:

+ Download the Volunteer Interest form (we’ll use this to figure out where you’re best suited to serve)
+ Download the Volunteer Agreement form (this makes everything official)

These pdf forms are interactive, so you can fill them out on your computer and email them to info@bayourescue.org. You can also fill them out the old-fashioned way and either fax them to (610) 673-6445, or mail them here:

Bayou Rescue
PO Box 3754
Chapel Hill, NC 27515



Please take note of our calendar of events below. We will be adding volunteer opportunities as well as general dates associated with Bayou Rescue. Hopefully, we can even keep up with our partners and post their dates as well! Consider this another resource for staying connected to us and to opportunities to help in your community. We thank you for your support!