According to the American Red Cross, a recent study found that fewer than 7 percent of people in the U.S. are actually prepared for a disaster.

You can test the READINESS QUOTIENT (RQ) for yourself, your workplace, your school, or your community by taking this on-line quiz provided by the Council for Excellence in Government.

The American Red Cross recommends three key actions to “Be Red Cross Ready”
+ Build a kit
+ Make a plan
+ Be informed

Remember that being prepared means considering and planning for both the people and pets in your family safe. The following resources will help you become ready to protect your entire family.

Bayou Rescue “Disaster Preparedness” pdf | FEMA “Prepare for Disaster” pdf
ASPCA Disaster Preparedness information | American Red Cross Disaster Preparedness information
FEMA “Prepare Your Pets for the Next Disaster” | Red Cross “Dog First Aid” book and “Cat First Aid” book
Preparedness Tips from the American Red Cross | Learn More AboutPet First Aid | FEMA online courses