Animals In The Path Of Sandy

Animals In The Path Of Sandy

Living in a state that has experienced mega-hurricanes and horrid tornadoes in the past, caring for animals during storms, evacuations, and clean-ups has always been in my awareness.  The same has been true for the animals in the path of Sandy.  Today, on “Sunday Morning”, a girl from New Jersey told her story of needing to leave her little kitten behind because no locations in the area would allow animals.  There was a happy ending for this kitten and her family, though.  When the family finally was allowed to return to their home five days later, they discovered that the flood waters had risen to just below the kitchen counters.  That is how the kitten survived this ordeal.

My heart breaks for all of the families faced with something like this and lose the pet that they love.  I think that there were many instances where animals were allowed to stay in hotels or where some evacuation centers had mobile pet evacuation centers in many of the affected states.  There are online sites which list centers by state as well as sites like FEMA’s site which has specific information detailing what to do.  Others target helping pet owners think about how they need to prepare BEFORE a disaster hits.  The Humane Society of America has a disaster plan that helps all of us insure that our pets will be safe in the face of danger.

You may be thinking, “She’s a day late and a dollar short, isn’t she?”  Well, not really.  The best plan is to PLAN.  Know what you will do.  Have several options in your disaster plan and review and update the plan frequently.

Bayou Rescue has a “Disaster Preparedness” pdf which you can download that will help you think through what you need to do to keep your animals safe.  There are also links to various organizations which can help, too.

Here are some articles which I have written in the past on similar topics:  More Disaster Preparedness For Pets: Direct From The Humane Society of America; In Case Of Tornadoes: Keeping Pets Safe; Hurricane Season Is Upon Us: Make A Plan.

To end on a very positive note, all evacuation centers in New York City are pet friendly.  That being said, there will always be a limit on how many pets can be accomodated so plan ahead!  “It is always an honor and duty to help those who can not help themselves,” according to my mother, Mary Irene Steele Babcock!